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1st Jan 2021

Hi new visitors. our Game Jam for 2021 had ended!

Please do check out the games here or in the navigational tabs at the top! The games for the Game Jam in 2020 is there as well.

To keep up with future updates on our Game Jam for 2022, follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

If you would love to collaborate or find out more about future events, please drop us an email at

Thank you!

Warmest regards,
The Sagakaya Collective

13th December 2021

We are pleased to announce the winners of this year's Game Jam.
You can find all the games here:

They are:

"Scan, please!" by team jialat

"Cats" by team Welcome to the Slam

"Tiny Hopes" by team Doodle People

"Entry Safe, please!" by team Yoomzster

We also have four other winners of “Best Unity-made Games!”
Note that this prize is only eligible to teams who have not won the main prizes.

They are:

“Trays Together” by Waiting for Seeds

“Hospital Havoc” by s³a

“Nyoom” by Side Bros

“Medical Mayhem” by 4 Fingers

Congratulations to all of the winning teams!

And thank you to the rest for participating as well 🙂

We would also like to thank our five judges for taking their time out of their schedule to do this!

Hope to see you all again in next year's HGJ 2022!


1st November 2021

Welcome our fellow Singaporean creatives to our second run of Heritage Game Jam!

After seeing last year's collection of games and everyone's interest in having another Game Jam, the Sagakaya Collective is happy to be organising it again for the community this year!

For those who are new to us: we are fellow game designers who are keen in using the medium of Games to talk about Singapore culture and heritage: past, present, and future. Not just as a setting or a backdrop – but featuring our culture and society. Through Games, we allow players to reflect on what identity is as a Singaporean.

Here are some details you should know about this year's Game Jam!

  • The Game Jam lasts from 12 Nov 2021, 1900hrs – 21 Nov 2021, 1900hrs. Sign up sheet is here!

  • Everyone walks away with something - all participants will receive a care package while winners of this Game Jam will win prizes, both generously provided by our lovely sponsors.

  • ANYONE can participate - even if you aren't a traditional game designer or know how to program!
    We will team you up with other people that can, OR (this is new for this run), we are allowing tabletop / board / card game submissions this year!

  • We are providing a team of professional advisors from various creative industries, who can advice you on Game Design, Programming, Narrative Writing, Art, Culture and Audio Design

  • Non-Singaporeans are welcome to participate – but please be respectful in your content and design!

Meanwhile, you can email us any queries at:

Hope to see you there!
- The Saga
kaya Collective



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I'm a Mountain-biking Vampire Witch from the Future, a Game Designer, and a co-founder of Gameful Experiences studio: AlterCulture Studios.


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I co-founded game audio studio Imba Interactive, and also run Singapore Games Association. Self-care is singing and rolling around with my cats.


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Level 13 educator with feats in game design and miniature painting. Allergic to Monopoly.