Heritage Game Jam 2022

The jam is OVER!

Thank you so much to the jammers and advisors for taking part.

Do check out the 2022 submissions here!

About Heritage Game Jam

Hey esteemed visitor! Welcome to the page for HGJ run by The Sagakaya Collective - we're a group of friends from the Singapore games industry passionate about promoting games as an art form. With the Heritage Game Jam 2020 being our debut event during the pandemic, we hope to continue our mission in the following years so your support is much appreciated! Check out the HGJ games from previous years. More info about HGJ:

  • The jam is typically held across 10 days in Q3/Q4 annually

  • While the overarching theme is "Heritage", there is an annual theme that will only be revealed on the 1st day of the jam

  • We encourage development of games that feature Singapore in a thought-provoking way

  • We hope to promote games as a creative platform to celebrate the Singaporean identity, and encourage civic discussion and inquiry

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I'm a Mountain-biking Vampire Witch from the Future, a Game Designer, and a co-founder of Gameful Experiences studio: AlterCulture Studios.


Twitter / InstagramShe / Her

An aspiring homesteader prepping for the impending doomsday, I also co-founded game audio studio Imba Interactive.


Instagram / TwitterShe / Her

The art person in our quartet. 20% chance I'm currently feeding my goldfish. Pip pip cheerio!


He / Him

Level 13 educator with feats in game design and miniature painting. Allergic to Monopoly.