31 JUL - 7 AUG


This event is Over! THANK YOU!

*UPDATE* Congulations to our prize winners!
They can be found here:

Thank you
to all Participants, Advisors, and Sponsors! We have received a total of 29 game submissions - works of art born from pure passion, expressing their interpretation of Singapore Heritage.

The 3 of us from the Sagakaya team are super grateful to have your support, and we can't wait to do this again next year.

Warmest regards,
The Sagakaya Team
Jedidiah, Jewell and Gwen

Previous Updates: 30 July, 27 July & 24 July

30 July 2020 Update

Hello Heritage Game Jam Participants,

Due to the unexpected high volume of participants, we are moving the Opening and Networking Event to Zoom instead of Discord.
Discord can only hold a maximum of 50 participants, whereas Zoom can hold 300.
Zoom can be opened in a web browser if you do not wish to install it.
After the Opening/Networking event, all communication will still continue to take place in the SGGA Discord .
Therefore, please continue to use Discord for the rest of the Game Jam.

At 31st July 2020, 1900 hrs, please join Zoom here:
https://bit.ly/2CSLlEk Password: 796865

Please let your other registered friends know about this!

Thank you once again for your patience and huge support!

Warmest regards,
The Sagakaya Team

27 Jul 2020 Update

We have included an FAQ section on our site!

nks for contributing to the feedback and questions! This FAQ will be updated whenever!

Warmest regards,
The Sagakaya Team

24 Jul 2020 Update

Hello Heritage Game Jam participants!

We have been receiving many questions in our inbox - so we hope this will help you prepare for next Friday!

1. Join the Discord channel here: SGGA Discord

2. All t
eam members MUST register for the Game Jam!

3. There is an opening event on the first day of the Game Jam on the SGGA Discord channel (31 July, 1900hrs)

4. During the opening event, there will be:
- Announcement: Theme for the Game Jam
- Introduction to the Advisors of the Game Jam
- Networking event for teams
- Opening of public Google Sheet to key in your team name, members, roles and discord tags

Anyone who wants to form team with other participants, or are looking for people to join their team: Please stick around and we will connect you together on Discord!

5. If you are joining as a programmer, we advise that you are familiar with using a platform to build games (e.g. Unity)

6. You can join our itch.io page beforehand - only one member from each team needs to register in order to submit your game

We apologise if you have been waiting long for some of these answers. The 3 of us are currently working hard to give you guys the best experience possible, so please ask us more questions and provide as much feedback as you can!

Warmest regards,
The Sagakaya team


Hi fellow Singaporean game designers and game lovers!

We are fellow game designers who are keen in using the medium of Games to talk about Singapore culture and heritage: past, present, and future. Not just as a setting or a backdrop – but featuring our culture and society. Through Games, we allow players to reflect on what identity is as a Singaporean.

· The Game Jam lasts from 31 July 2020, 1900hrs – 7 August 2020, 1900hrs. Sign up sheet is below or here!

· Winners of this Game Jam will win prizes (CONFIRMED)
Prize winners positions: Top 3 games + Best in Game Design, Audio/Music Design, Art, and Narrative Writing

· The best games will be featured in an upcoming virtual Games exhibition this October 2020, which showcases locally developed games to the rest of the world!

· Game Jam will have a team of professional Mentors, who can advice you on Game Design, Programming, Narrative Writing, Art, and Audio Design

· Non-Game Design friends may also participate! We can team them up with other Game Design teams, so do invite them!

· Non-Singaporeans are welcome to participate – but please be respectful in your content and design!

Meanwhile, you can email us any queries at: heritagegamejamsg@gmail.com

Hope to see you there!
- The Saga Kaya



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I'm a Mountain-biking Vampire Witch from the Future, a Game Designer, and a co-founder of Gameful Experiences studio: AlterCulture Studios.


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I co-founded game audio studio Imba Interactive, and also run Singapore Games Association. Self-care is singing and rolling around with my cats.


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