Rules and Details


  1. Work alone or in a team

  2. We highly recommend having expertise representation in a team, ranging from devs with experience to participants with no experience in games, and with varying skillsets.

  3. There will be advisors of varying expertise to guide the teams if needed

  4. For participants who have no starting teams but wish to join one, feel free to holler in the #hgj-lfg in Discord. The organisers will help slot you into a team.

  5. As this jam is Singaporean-themed, we appreciate it if participants either grew up or are born in Singapore. That being said, overseas friends of Singaporeans are welcome to join them!


  1. Join the #hgj-general channel in SGGA Discord for announcements and discussions.

  2. The theme and prompts will be revealed at the start of the jam.

  3. The Jam lasts from 7:00 PM 12 Nov 2021 to 7:00 PM 21th Nov 2021 (UTC+8)

  4. You may submit a digital game, OR a tabletop / card / board game!


  1. You may use any tools or libraries to create your game

  2. You're free to use any assets you've created and/or 3rd party assets

  3. If you're using 3rd party assets, it's your responsibility to ensure that they are legal to use. The HGJ team is NOT responsible if any team breaches copyright terms of asset usage.


  1. You're free to use any assets you've created and/or 3rd party assets

  2. You're also welcome to use tools such as Tabletop Simulator or should you wish to design the board game digitally.


You may refer to the GGJ's submission specs here for reference.


  1. Submissions MUST played right in the browser and/or an .exe. \

  2. Please upload your games on your team's/personal account

  3. The game jam organisers will then host your games under the game jam's page

  4. uploading tips by MC & Chaocalypse:
    "For those new to Here a short guide to create a project which you can submit the game. After signed up an account. Click on "Dashboard" to open "Creator Dashboard". Click on "Projects" tab if it is not already in Projects. Click on "Create new project" and a new page will appear. Enter a name for "Title" and the project will auto save and bring you to the project webpage. Click on "Edit Game" on the toolbar on the top left to return back to the project page. From here on, everything is self explanatory. Read from top to bottom for a smooth submission process and setting up the project web page. Also explore the Devlog if you want to document your process."

    "When uploading an executable, be sure to tick the "Windows" (or Mac, Linux, Android...) checkmark. This allows the game to be installed and played using the itch desktop client. If you want the game to be web-based, pick "HTML" from Kind of Project, and upload a zip file with the exported game files inside. Remember to set the game to "Public" in Visibility and Access as well, otherwise people will not be able to see your game "


  1. You do not have to submit the physical game.

  2. You will need to submit the following in a neatly organised Google Drive folder:
    - The ruleset of the game (on how to write one, you can use
    this guide)
    - A video submission of
    3 - 5 minutes showcasing its core gameplay (Good video-editing won't hurt, though clarity is of priority!)
    - Digital print-friendly version of all your game components (e.g. playing pieces, tokens, cards, game board etc)

  3. Remember to set the Google Drive link sharing settings to "Anyone can view"

  4. You do not need to submit a copy on by 21 Nov 7PM. However, it's highly recommended that you upload to as a .pdf within the week after the jam ends. This is to ensure that your board game is parked under the Heritage Game Jam account alongside the digital games as a catalogue.


  1. The game is owned by you, the creators! Feel free to continue expanding on it or monetising from it.

  2. The HGJ team however, requests that we have the rights to promote it under our organisation and event.

  3. Once uploaded, please paste the link to the submissions in the Teams List by 7PM sharp.

  4. Shortlisted games may be chosen to be exhibited at Project Teahouse 2022, a virtual (subject to Covid restrictions) exhibition celebrating made-in-Singapore games.


The showcase will commence at 21 Nov 8PM sharp, therefore it's paramount that submissions are done and dusted by 7PM! The showcase will be on on the SGGA Discord.

  1. One representative from each team will be presenting the game in the Discord Stage channel. Please let us know who is the team representative on the Teams Google Sheet so we can grant them the relevant rights to present.

  2. We will pick which team to present at random, so ensure that your game is ready to be presented at any time.

  3. Each team will have maximum 3 mins to present. Suggested format:

    • Short intro to yourself and your team

    • A short explanation on what inspired the game and challenges faced

    • Gameplay demo/ footage (with focus on core gameplay loop)

  4. If you feel like showcasing the game in a different format (e.g. theatre, poetry, song and dance etc), you're highly encouraged to do so as long as it falls under 3 mins and shows off the core gameplay :)


  • You may showcase the game via .exe or browser. Remember to check that your audio is being shared as well!

  • If your game has bugs that prevents you from showcasing it confidently, feel free to create a gameplay video in advance for screening.


  • You may showcase the game with a live demonstration and explanation, or a pre-recorded gameplay video.


  1. Playability
    Can the game can be played from start to end and doesn't "break"?

  2. Narrative: Meaning / Purpose / Message

Does it draw inspiration from real-world topics or personal experiences?
Is it relevant to the assigned theme?

  1. Player Experience

Does the game ensure that the player is able to navigate the game comfortably?

Do the elements of the game align with the experience you are trying to create?

  1. Originality

Does it provide novel aesthetic experiences?
Does your game demonstrate a thoughtful and unique viewpoint / arrangement of elements?

  1. Brownie Points
    What is the game adding to the conversation?
    Is it thought-provoking?

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